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dara5 is 

The dara5 community includes our Members, Shareholders and Ambassadors all bound together by the four founding partners. 


dara5 was founded by millennials & next gens & is aimed to help millennials, next gens, entrepreneurs, young business owners & investors flourish in a global & diverse community of ‘kindred spirits’ surrounded by the necessary infrastructure, tools, coaching & experience to take them to the next stage in their lives & business careers.

dara5 will add no more than 10 members a year & will be capped at 50 members.

Founding partners of dara5


dara5 has a number of global strategic shareholders hailing from Europe, Asia and the US representing household names in Venture Capital & Private Equity and recognised family offices & entrepreneurs. 

Our shareholders act as pillars of the dara5 community. Through their business and life experiences they help form the backbone of our thriving network. Together they act as dara5’s very own pillars of wisdom.


dara5 has a select diverse group of external brand ambassadors. Each ambassador brings their own set of skills, personality and life experiences to the dara5 group. Our group of ambassadors’ span across different sectors, geographies and cultural backgrounds adding to the diverse nature of the dara5 community. 

dara5 ambassadors will be tasked with making strategic introductions to the dara5 community as well as share interesting deal-flow they come across in their respective fields.

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