Raphael Samovich

Raphael has over ten years’ experience educating next gens & city professionals in finance, accounting & investment management. 

A successful entrepreneur, Raphael built & sold Mind the Step, a private education company connecting students in need of academic help with a network of highly-qualified professional tutors & education consultants. 

Graduating First-Class Honours in Finance & Accounting, Raphael also holds a Masters degree in Investment Management as well as being a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. 

Raphael has a history of building & maintaining long term relationships with clients, providing not only knowledge but also acting as a mentor & life coach to his clients. A professional finance tutor, Raphael will oversee all the coaching, mentoring & professional development aspect of dara5, while playing an active role in the daily operations of the business. 

Dara5 Limited (FRN: 913505) is an Appointed Representative of Squared Limited (FRN: 754560) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.